Is your Computer Old and Outdated? Just not running as fast as you’d like? Why buy New, when you can Upgrade for Half the price? A typical Upgrade includes, Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Graphics Card, and Hard Drive. Your current Data, Programs, and Configuration, will all remain the same. The only thing that changes is what you want changed, SPEED!

How about Increasing your System Memory or Hard Drive? Or replacing that huge CRT Monitor for a new Flat Screen? We can swap out that CD ROM for a DVD Burner or even a Blue Ray. Piece of Cake. What about Updating your Operating System or Applications? Holding off on Internet Explorer 8? Firefox is a much better alternative and more secure to boot! There’s a number of ways that will help your System run better and each of them cheaper than Buying New. Give me a call and we can discuss them. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.