Perplexed Senior Couple in their Dining Room with a Laptop ComputerThere’s nothing worse than turning on your Computer, and nothing happens! Maybe you’ve heard a POP, and now notice a burning smell. Or perhaps you’ve picked up a Virus or some nasty Spyware. Is the Hard Drive whining? PC slow as molasses? No Internet?

These, and 100 things like them, can happen when you need the Computer most. But no need to worry, Help is just a phone call away, and I make House Calls! On Site, $60/Hour plus travel, Drop it off in Ada, $45/Hour.

Need new Equipment installed? PCs, DSL, & Cable Modems, Wired and Wireless Networks, Printers? Not backing up your important data? Yikes!!! Call me. Antivirus, Firewall, and Security Solutions? Need some Instruction or Training? No Problem. I’m a Soccer Coach. Operating System or Application Reinstalls, Hard Drive Overhaul, System Tune Ups? I can do it all!