customAre you a Serious Gamer but can’t afford an Alienware or Voodoo Rig? Do you know what you want in a Custom Machine but can’t find it anywhere? If you can Dream it, I can Build it. Top End Cases, High Wattage Power Supplies, Name-Brand MotherBoards, AMD or Intel Processors, SATA II High Speed Drives, Latest Graphics Cards. The Sky’s the Limit.

Or are you just looking for a Solid built PC with Quality Components that won’t fail after the Warranty runs out? Are you tired of seeing Generic Components in your Computer that you know won’t last? I have built Systems that are still in operation 5 years later. I know what works and what lasts. Do you pour over the Dell or Gateway pages looking for that perfect combination, but just can’t seem to find it? I can provide you with everything you want, and need, 4 Less?